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Avanos, the quiet town of Cappadocia region, with its history dating back to the Hittites, is settled on both sides of the Kızılırmak river. Avanos, has all the beauties of the region, has been an important center of both cultural and social activities for years.

It welcomes the visitors with its historical drawbridges, stone bridges, underground cities, valleys, churches and many other beauties. When you enter the center of Avanos, a cute town greets you. While passing over the historical stone bridge which was built in 1900 and connecting the two sides of Kızılırmak River, overlapping structures built on the hills where the bazaar is located can be seen. It creates a feeling of walking in a maze with its narrow and winding streets, with stone houses leaning each other. It is said that, if you hit the walls of thouse houses with a pickaxe, you will have an exit to the neighbour. Over time, these houses were emptied due to natural causes such as abrasion and slipping and new settlements were established on the opposite side of the river in 1968.

About Avanos
About Avanos

Avanos has always been in an important position in terms of crafts since the Hittites. One of the most important tourism sources of the town is pottery which is a family profession and carried on from the ancestors. The soil brought from the vicinity are processed as handicrafts in the ateliers called “İşlik”. Gorgeous pots and pottery from the İşlik are displayed in front of the ateliers. As pottery is very important economically, it is concentrated in the center. At the entrance of the park in the town, you can see a statue of a craftsman. As many as 50, mostly still using traditional methods, İşliks are open to all visitors, all around Avanos.

Another important craft in Avanos is carpet weaving. As pottery, carpet weaving is also rooted in the regions long history, and is very important for the tourism of Avanos.

The third important touristic resource is viticulture. We highly recommend you taste the home made wines that are produced by the grapes of the region and grapevines given the spirit of Kızılırmak River.

After wandering around the town, now it is time to talk about the irresistible cuisine. Avanos cuisine is quite rich. Especially Meat in Pot; in the cool caves that carved in the rocks of the region, it is served with authentic manner: the pot is broken in front of you as the delicious smell whets your appetite. Also, Vineyard Rice, Casserol, Flatbread, Çığıtma (Egg dish), Ağpakla Kuru Fasulyesi (A local bean), Tarhana Çorbası (Soup with dried yoghurt) are amongst the common dining choices of the region.

When you come by Avanos, while enjoying the cuisine, nature and history, on the other hand there are many historic and touristic places around. You may just relax in the central tea garden and sip your tea, watch the calm flowing Kızılırmak River in peace.

Avanos is very close to the touristic spots around, and also in comparison with the other towns of Cappadocia, it has more greenery and pure appearance. We compiled the closest places here:

- Pottery Ateliers

- Saruhan Caravansary

- Zelve Valley and Open Air Museum

- Çeçe Hill

- Paşabağ (Pasha Vineyard)

- Çavuşin

- Özkonak Underground City

- Belha Palace

- Horse Farms

About Avanos
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