About Derinkuyu Underground City


The history of Derinkuyu, the largest underground city of Cappadocia, consisting of deep valleys, images of mysterious fairy chimneys and 36 underground cities known so far, dates back to the Hittite period in 3000 B.C. Although it is said that the city used to be the settlement of Christians who escaped from Roman pressure, migrated over Mesapotamia and settled here, the city still maintains its mystery.

Derinkuyu Underground City, which reaches 8 floors deep, has been defined as the City of Angels by the villagers. The famous writer Erich Von Daniken, whose claims about UFOs were popular in 80s and 90s, came here in 1982 and claimed that the city was built to protect against alien invasions in time.

With the meticulously planned architectural structure, ventilation tunnels and water cisterns, the city makes you wonder how it was built at that time. The research and excavations are still ongoing as it is thought that there are connections to other underground cities of the region.

Proceeding along the narrow corridor at the elegantly designated entrance of the city, you reach the 1st floor, 5 meters below. That 1st floor, which is the top floor of the underground city, is devoted to wineries, living areas, kitchens and stables.

About Derinkuyu Underground City
About Derinkuyu Underground City

When you reach the 2nd floor, you will also encounter living rooms, food stores and barn at the end. Gradually, you will realize that you are starting to imagine what happened here.

When you come to the 3rd floor, you will reach a large area where the center of the ventilation gaps, delicately planned and reaching every floor of the city. Unlike the underground cities, you will see the Missionary School on this floor, covered with a long ceiling. In addition, places such as places for worship, confession and cemetery are classified on this floor. In this part, the tunnel, which you can just look from one end, has a 2 meter high ceiling and 9 km long, where 4 people can walk side by side, is said to be connected to other underground cities.

When you land on the 4th floor, you will see the ventilation ducts, water cisterns and wells surrounding the city. This floor is made especially for defense and shelter purposes and consists of areas with dungeons on which guards stand.

After the 5th floor, there are distribution areas and rooms as well as areas where ventilation chimneys are bent into different tunnels. Passing this, you will reach the 7th floor through very narrow  tunnels and you will meet the largest area of the underground city. Here you can see a large meeting room, a church and a water well not connected to the surface.

The 8th floor is the last floor that can be reached right now. Although there is a small room here where the downcast is connected, it is still said that this is only the half of the entire city. 

We are pretty sure that the city's impeccable architecture and enormous infrastructure built amongst its detailed carved rocks will immediately impress you and provide you with an unforgettable historical journey.

If you want to witness the history by passing through tunnels where even one person fits hard or seeing the gigantic doors made for protection purposes closely and as such, we recommend you to see Derinkuyu Underground City.

About Derinkuyu Underground City
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