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When it comes to Cappadocia, one of the first places that come to mind is Ürgüp. The region, which has hosted many civilizations since the Roman period, is very lively in terms of tourism. Houses and graves carved like anthills can be seen on the hill of the town, ornamented with fairy chimneys all around.

Ürgüp also called as the House of Three Beauties, which is 20 km away from the city Nevşehir and contains the unique beauties of nature and many traces of history. You can see three fairy chimneys on the way to Pink Valley and Avanos, which are all formed by nature, are attracting many tourists every year.

“Kızılçukur Valley” is amongst the places where fairy chimneys of different sizes and shapes can be seen intensely. Here you can see many different structures and churches carved into them, and take a stroll around the fairy chimneys. One of the most important churches of the area is Üzümlü (Grapey) Church, where monks had been living for thousands of years, is in Urgüp. Its walls are decorated with grape motifs.

About Urgup
About Urgup

The biggest fairy chimney in Ürgüp is in Ortahisar which is another touristic point. When you climb up to Ortahisar Castle, it is an extraordinary experience to watch all the Urgup and the valley that lies with fairy chimnies everywhere. Hallaçdere Monastery and Tavsanli Church are amongst the places to visit.

Mustafapaşa, which is located in Ürgüp, is a must to visit, as it has more than 30 chapels and churches plus a mosque from the 17th century. After walking among the narrow streets with full of hand-made carpets displayed, you can visit the pleasant restaurants where you can sip your tea or wine. Other places we recommend you to see near Mustafapaşa are Gomeda-Üzengi Valley and St. Basilios Church, which is also a good place to have a picnic.

Mazı Antique City, which is 18 kilometers away from Ürgüp, is also amongst the places that can be seen if you have time.

In the center of Ürgüp, a famous Mansion called Asmalı Konak is located. The mansion is very famous in Turkey as it was the main place of a prime time TV series, that was shot in 2002. After visiting the mansiın, our advice is to see Temenni Hill, which is just ahead. As high as 80 meters, Temenni Hill gives you the opportunity to see Ürgüp wide range. Upon the hill, known as the Sacred Place in the old times, while watching the town, you can have your tea from the tea house and enjoy the view from above.

You will certainly need to refresh your energy after the tour,so you can cantch your breath in towns local restaurants. Our recommendations for local tastes include Stuffed Quince (Ayva Dolması), Sheep Stew (Koyun Yahnisi), Apricot Lamb (Kayısılı Kuzu), Haricot Bean (Kuru Fasulye) and Potato Meatballs (Dıvıl Yemeği).

Many different local items such as carpets, rugs, terra cottas and pottery are found in the cute market places.

Besides, we recommend you to taste the wines, which is antoher important commercial resources of the city. You can easily find homemade wines in the city center, made of various fruits along with grapes.

Finally, you can stay in cool rooms carved into the rocks in and around the city, and enjoy your presence with the sounds of birds while sitting on the couches in the middle of the hotels.

About Urgup
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