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Göreme, which is a reflection of the depth in history, is a mysterious town with its buildings located among the fairy chimneys. The most important place in Göreme you will see is Göreme Historical National Park.

Göreme Historical National Park is a place where you can discover the deep traces of Byzantine architecture and religious art history with its landscape of volcanic tuffs. The region consisting of high plains between steep sloped and worn away valleys has an important feature: Secrecy.

These hidden lands, where those who have managed to stay away from the centralization efforts and wars in the region since the Roman period, have hosted a wide variety of churches, chapels, refectory, warehouses and wine cellars.

When you enter Göreme Historical National Park, you will feel like you are teleported to the past with a time machine, to see the history. The city carved into the hills, although it looks quite complicated, consists of living spaces connected by a great craft mastery and meticulousness. Symbolizing an important period of the art history, the town stands in front of you decorated with its wall paintings.

About Goreme
About Goreme

The monastery life here, which started in the 3rd and 4th centuries, became a frequent destination for monks retreating and began to spread rapidly, as it is far from the the main roads and has a sloping structure.

In the night, you can witness the brightest moments of the stars, discover the huge size of our planet and feel the beauty of life deeply, as this is a region that has the less amount of light pollution.

Göreme’s local food is also diverse. We recommend Nevşehir Tavası, Osbar Kebabı, Dalaz, Küftür, Bulama and lastly Büzme Baklava as dessert. You can easily find the local tastes that you will not forget.

If you want to see Cappadocia from the top, Balloon Tours are just for you. When you start the journey which started in the early hours of the morning, you will find yourself watching the inflating of huge balloons with sleepy eyes. Then, if you wish, you can go up to 1500 meters high and watch the masterpiece of the wrath of volcanoes that erupt in ancient times. Or you can sit on a hill and feel as if you are on another planet amongst the balloons rising while having your breakfast.

It is also possible to wander around the region between Göreme and Uçhisar and watch the valley from many different points. You can leave yourself to a fairy tale disappearance in the silence of nature for a while with your vehicle or bicycle tours.

We have listed places to see in and around Göreme for you:

- Güvercinlik Valley

- Kılıçlar Valley

- Güllüdere Valley

- Aşk (Love) Valley

- Paşabağ Valley

- Zemi Valley

About Goreme
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